As city parents, we juggle the demands of raising our kids, earning an income, and pursuing our dreams, without the village of support we’d find in smaller communities.

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The Workaround

a community of parents helping each other out in Brooklyn & Queens, NY.

Our parents connect via:


Playgroups with a babysitting swap, arranged by your child’s age or your location.


Share a desk with other busy parents at an established coworking facility.


Weekly and monthly events to connect, learn and take a break from your regular duties.

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Co-Working Spaces Add a Perk for Parents: Child Care

Toddlers make terrible office mates, particularly if your office is in the living room of a railroad-style apartment. They are also not reliable companions at the neighborhood coffee shop, as Jacqui Smith, a publicist, discovered when her son had a meltdown while she tried to get some work done at Variety, a popular Brooklyn coffee roaster...