Rough Draft



About the space

Rough Draft NYC was founded by creative duo Alison & Glenn. Together they have created some of their best work and wanted a studio where they can share ideas and build a community. The couple and their two dogs (and two mice) and brand new little one live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The name Rough Draft ties back to the way they think about creative work, that nothing is ever final, but an ongoing process of growing and constantly evolving what we do. And they believe people should love where they work as much as the work they do.

The studio is comprised of various workspaces in an open, shared environment. There is also a semi-private conference area downstairs for group sessions. 

Rough Draft NYC is ideal for individuals and small groups whose work doesn't require a ton of physical storage space or talking on the phone all day. We encourage prospective members to come by during business hours to take a tour of the space.

The Workaround's partnership with Rough Draft

The Workaround offers shared desk space at Rough Draft for $150/mo. Membership at Rough Draft through the Workaround includes 60 hours of desk time per month, which averages to approx 15 hours per week or 3 hours per day, however, members are free to vary their time as needed. Time slots are booked on a dedicated app, and we maintain a ratio of three members per seat.

Desk-share members are automatically accepted to the Circle of their choice, provided there is space in the group and that the member meets the requirements of that group, either child's age or family location. 


Interested in joining or learning more about our Rough Draft share? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly. You can also book a tour of the space anytime by contacting them directly.

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