What is The Workaround?

The Workaround is an umbrella organization providing a variety of services for new parents in Brooklyn.  Our primary services are our desk-share and our babysitting-swap.

About the Desk-Share

So many parents in our community are trying to balance their careers and parenting. The cost of office space and childcare can be prohibitive, and trying to work between naps at home is unproductive and isolating. The Workaround believes that if we can help one another to grab a few hours of dedicated work each month, in an inspiring office environment, we can all be more productive.

What is the desk-share?

Parents can share a membership at a professional coworking facility while receiving a significant discount on the fee.  We maintain a ratio of three members per desk, and each member is entitled to 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month. Members are free to vary their bookings as needed. We use a dedicated app to coordinate bookings.

An ideal member is interested in working 3-4 hours per day or 1-2 full days per week. We are a great option for parents who are on-ramping, freelancing and/or changing careers, or any parent whose workload ebbs and flows. 

Where is the desk-share?

We have a number of locations, see the current list here.

How much is a desk-share membership and what does it cover?

$150/month, covers up to 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month; members are free to vary their hours as needed.

What is the commitment?

Month - to - month.

About the Swap

Many local parents do not have any family nearby, and most of us don't know our neighbors very well. Finding childcare at short notice for freelance projects can be difficult and expensive; daycare is inflexible and nannies need a guaranteed regular income. A few generations ago, families got around their sporadic childcare needs by helping one another out. We are bringing the village back, with a modern twist, through our individually managed playgroups.

Where does the babysitting take place?

Members arrange their own swaps depending on what works for them. It can be at the either member's house, the park, playground, an indoor playspace ...whatever works.  

Is there a screening process?

The Workaround admins will accept members to the group based on criteria such as the age of their children, their location and/or their work schedule, but do not accept responsibility for the safety of children when they are in another family's care. It is up to parents to develop trust between one another and vet each other as they would any caregiver.

Well, how do I develop trust with someone I don't know?

The Workaround hosts weekly get togethers in public locations such as parks, library story times and sing-alongs for parents and kids to mix and mingle. The Workaround also hosts a weekly baby & toddler-friendly happy hour to really get the conversation going!

Do I pay for the childcare?


Do I have to spend time babysitting to participate in the swap?


Can I bring my baby to my babysitting commitments?


I have set times that I need to work and I want to find a steady childcare situation for those hours.

The childcare swap is not designed to be your main childcare option. The swap is meant to supplement the care you already have in place. The Workaround swap is great for families who have some part time childcare in their week but need a little bit more. You can also use the Workaround swap if you are a stay at home parent looking for playdate opportunities for your toddler.

Signing up for just one service vs. signing up for both


What is the cost for signing up for both services?

$150. Every desk-share member receives a complimentary membership to the playgroup of her/his choice.

Do I have to babysit to get desk time?

No, the swap and the desk-share are two separate entities.

I don't want to babysit/I don't need childcare. Do I have to participate in that part?

No. You are free to decline playgroup participation.

I don't need desk space, I just want to participate in swaps. 

We have a stand-alone playgroup option for just $40/mo. See out current groups here.

I have more questions! / I'm ready to sign up: