You thought you were going to be able to work while the baby sleeps (instead of sleeping while you have a chance). But the baby doesn't sleep.

You think you'll be able to get a few hours in after she's asleep at night but you find yourself passing out beside her more often then not.

You hire a sitter to take her to the park so you can sit down and concentrate, just to find yourself completely overwhelmed by the house, errands, social media and the urge to sleeeep.

You pause in the middle of mashing the peas you're serving for dinner and try to remember if you've spoken to an adult today.


You're not alone.


We are a community of new parents searching for balance and sharing resources together in a modern, urban village. Our workaround is simple: one desk at an established coworking facility split three ways. Our coworking members share the time and the cost of a flex desk in a professional, established facility. The coworking spaces we partner with are adult-only but family-friendly and your desk share is exclusively with working parents like yourself. You are also automatically enrolled in a playgroup of your choice, free of charge, for as long as you hold a desk-share membership.

Stop chasing the work-during-naps mirage and join us for an effective, inspiring, affordable Workaround.

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East Williamsburg


Crown Heights


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And coming soon, Bed-Stuy


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