The Workaround Collective is an expanding community of freelancers, stay-at-home parents, artists, activists, dreamers, makers and everything in between with one thing in common: we are all parents and we all need a little time to get some work done. 

At The Workaround, parents share desk space at a coworking facility while they are on-ramping, freelancing or changing careers. If you are a new parent ready to start picking up work again but don't want to pay full price for a coworking desk, The Workaround is available for your part time needs.

Who: We are 12 parents in the East Williamsburg area

Where: We share desk space at Rough Draft Coworking

How: We use a dedicated booking app to schedule our time 

Why: We have part-time work needs and need a dedicated desk

Cost: $150/month

We also host a childcare swap

The Workaround offers an add-on bonus of access to a childcare swap amongst its members via a dedicated app. Coworkers can arrange drop off playdates while they get work done...or for any other reason! 

Standalone swap option (without the desk share) is also available, for $25/month.